How to Re-Flash the RG351p's Firmware



  • kimws

    An error occurs when downloading and extracting the linked stock firmware file.
    Could you check the status of the file?

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  • kimws

    New uploaded files still get an error. An error occurs around 6 gigabytes of the first file.
    The sha256 checksum value is also different from the contents of the file you uploaded. I downloaded and checked it several times, but the same value came out. The file seems to be broken when you upload.
    I couldn't check because an error occurred in the first file, but I think there is a possibility that the remaining 4 files are also broken.

    The SHA256 checksum value of the file I downloaded is as follows.

    Files: 5
    Size: 42495801460 bytes (39 GiB)
    SHA256 checksum for data: 5372758FF709EC6925E5E20D2716DA6D8BF3144963825845E61D1CF8EF283F24
    SHA256 checksum for data and names: FDA04CFD8D9BA18A77B850A174AE4BDB65AF3F3E869A38BE3CDFBC87346F7B67


    e28bfca5e7d1f8784eadfb0c4544c68e28ff44982f688f8016eb7ab90d1cfd66 *
    ddc3ad8f45c3b17a81e0f3fd1d510f57c70fea115eee05f1010f972227c534d3 *
    4598b60662a89bb440ff3f146700fe0302a274752ef9c197118dced8b913f13f *
    f0c2d8a26d555b0631d6fe0e7a16a8bf8cb96020ef24f94e9820276e09a72b9d *
    5fc73bb0fa764abbe381b4dfe2695ec40c891009b80d08ed237614d5f78cf00c *

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  • 쿠사나기오리에

    64gb img 파일을 통째로 압축해서 올려주세요 부탁드립니다 새로 올려주신 파일도 풀리지 않아요 번거롭더라도 부탁드립니다

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  • kimws

    The files you uploaded again yesterday were broken 1, 3, and 4.


    7ff3e8b2e7a8028be02be5f3b3dcdfd8110b2221d9aafce1d7b6b5b8e14fed49 *RG351P_SAMPLE_UNIT_FW_18092020.7z.001
    a51cc21ad89a341743f981d3dbbc78d36ffd8a05b090423b7e268263be87e7f7 *RG351P_SAMPLE_UNIT_FW_18092020.7z.002
    8bb0c050d0e0387bb990a69e5134bf208931a070726c6aa3fd01a7b152c97d9f *RG351P_SAMPLE_UNIT_FW_18092020.7z.003
    5d135ffd0c337c4913bc54a840a53cbbb0993d9d86d22e9978ef1e46884fc6c9 *RG351P_SAMPLE_UNIT_FW_18092020.7z.004
    367259d0318b2b0904558c3e11fbfe708b4488a9f56dc62d1996f6b18e0e3511 *RG351P_SAMPLE_UNIT_FW_18092020.7z.005

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